Music Box (2010)

interactive sculpture


Photograph by Lee Machell


Everyday Revisited

Art in Unusual Spaces, Leeds Shopping Plaza

12th June- 29th July 2010


Currently on display at Leeds College of Art, Vernon Street Library



The sound of paper winding through the machine.

Produced by winding paper through the machine.


A contact microphone was used to record the sound of a blank sheet of paper being wound through the music box. This recording was then converted into MIDI format to assign the sounds pitch and length (restricted to the natural tones of the music box). The digital score was then printed and punched out on the paper.


When you turn the handle of the music box, the music created is the sound of someone else previously undertaking the same action. Turning the same handle to wind the same paper. To this you add the same sounds they originally produced, that of the handle turning, and the paper being wound through.



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